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Tips! Create a measure table

When you create a report, and a lot of measures, you will find out it will be pretty messy if the measures is scattered between the tables.

There for, I recommend you create something called measure table. Measure table is only a empty table, witch has no data or columns.

You can name it what ever you want, that doesn't matter. The key is, if this table only contains measures, it will automatically be a measure table. Which has a lot of advantages.

It will allways stick at the top of all tables in the report tag in Power Bi Desktop and you will find your measure real fast , now when they are in the same place!

Happy reporting! :)

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Nice tip! Keep it up! / Peter
2019-12-02 14:32:01


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Nice tip! Keep it up! / Peter
2019-12-02 14:32:01
perfect! Thanks!!
2019-12-02 12:35:15


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